Vegan Breakfast Recipes for the Whole Family!

Yes, switching to vegan food is bound to be a challenge. Your own self-control is continuously being tested, but what’s probably worse is that your family members will give in faster than you.

The solution is to make vegan food taste so superb that no one could want anything else. And that’s what we will tell you here, with ten of the best vegan breakfast recipes for you to try out.

Chickpea pancakes
What you will use for this simple recipe is chickpea flour, which is both gluten-free and high in protein. It’s high on fiber too! What you will get is a huge pancake, easily larger than the size of your face.

You can add mushrooms and vegetables and any other topping you like, and it should take you about ten minutes to mix the ingredients together and another ten minutes to actually cook it.

This vegan gluten-free breakfast recipe will rock your world. And yes, it’s also on the list for vegan breakfast recipes for kids.

Fruits in Vegan Yogurt
The important thing to do when it comes to this easy vegan breakfast recipe is to choose the right vegan yogurt. Go for unsweetened varieties because they are usually healthier.

Pay close attention to the nutritional information before you make your purchase. You don’t want it to be too sweet; you can always add maple syrup or some other sweetener, but you won’t be able to take it away. Then, you can add nuts and fresh fruits.

Avocado toast
This is recipe is for even the most kitchen-phobic individuals. As long as you know how to make toast (we assume that you do), you shouldn’t have a problem. Avocados are so much healthier, then, say, butter or margarine.

Slice about half or a quarter of a Haas avocado and spread it over your toast. You can also add a little of very thin onion slices, and two squeezes of lemon for a touch of acidity. This vegan breakfast recipe is easy to cook and tastes great.

Tofu scramble
Who wants scrambled eggs when you can have this instead? It’s high on both proteins and vegetables to give you a nutritionally balanced breakfast.

You can add in anything from mushrooms to onions to broccoli if that’s the way you like it. You can add your scramble to a breakfast burrito, or a lettuce wrap.

You can even put it in a sandwich. There’s a reason this vegan breakfast recipe is a staple.

This vegan breakfast idea is impossible to do without. At the beginning, you can play around a little with what smoothies you like, from something as simple as a green smoothie with raw vegetables, or a strawberry and oatmeal smoothie when you get a little more adventurous.

Your first step should be to figure out exactly what your base is (avocados and bananas are fantastic). Add loads of fresh fruit, vegetables, ice and a little of dairy, and you’re all set.

From this one recipe, you can literally have an infinite number of raw vegan breakfast recipes.

Chia pudding
You can save a little time during your rushed breakfast by soaking the seeds the previous night (in fact, it works better that way).

You will use raw chia seeds (this is a raw vegan breakfast recipe), and your chocolate pudding will look amazing, taste just, and be shockingly, shockingly healthy.

Soak for four hours, and prep for five minutes! You can add a hint of cinnamon and maple syrup to taste. You can taste decadence while still eating a healthy vegan breakfast recipe.

Blueberry muffins
These had to be somewhere in the top ten, right? It’s actually useful to keep a batch of delicious blueberry muffins made when you have free time, like over the weekend.

They keep pretty well, so you’ll be able to grab one on your way to work and take a couple with your for lunch.

Make your delicious muffin even healthier with some flax meal and zucchini other than the gorgeous fresh berries already loaded in there. Easily one of the best vegan breakfast ideas of all time.

Vegan omelet
Yes, vegans don’t have to give up omelets, even if they’ve given up eggs.

We warn you though; this isn’t something you can enjoy on busy, early mornings, so give yourself a nice, relaxed Saturday before giving this recipe a shot.

It’s also a great idea for brunches! Cheese omelets are especially great, and without the floury taste that can be a huge downside. You can also turn one of these into your very own vegan breakfast casserole recipe.

Granola bars
These are another staple, and also something it’s useful to make in big batches and keep around for about a week.

You can just grab one on your way out. You don’t even have to use an egg replacer if you’re going it right.

And while you might be nervous about making oat flour for the first time, it’s not a big deal. Just have a food processor handy, measure out the oats, and process. It’s really that simple.

Steel-cut oats
Because these are far less processed than, say, rolled oats, they are also a hell of a lot healthier.

However, the downside is that they take a lot longer to cook. What you can do, as with Chia pudding, is to get them started the night before, so they’ll be mostly ready in the morning.

In conclusion, you can literally do anything with vegan food. There’s nothing as healthy as vegan breakfast recipes.

You can come up with an infinite number of vegan breakfast casserole recipes, or vegan gluten-free breakfast recipes.

Your kids may complain at the beginning, but they’ll come around when they see they’re not missing much, with amazing vegan breakfast recipes for kids.

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