Top 10 Vegan Pasta Recipes

Millions of lovers of vegan pasta recipes are there across the globe and learning about the top ten such recipes could make interesting reading.

While there could be the difference of opinion regarding the choice made; recipes that follow are still among the best vegan recipes.

So here we go.

Vegan Garlic Pasta with a lot of creams and roasted tomatoes
Rated as one of the best vegan homemade pasta recipes, this recipe is a 30 minute affair.

Besides garlic and sauce, a little olive oil and roasting of the grape tomatoes is the key to the recipe. Creamy with sauce, rich, and savory, the prepared dish is garnished with herbs.

The resultant recipe is surprisingly satisfying with a delicious taste and excellent flavor which would be great on the dining table.

Vegetable Mac with Cheese
This is another of the great vegan homemade pasta recipes that is created by the blend of potatoes with carrots and sauce.

The resultant dish is not only tasty but healthy. Cook can use the flavor of his or her choice in it. Components for the recipe are wheat rotini, broccoli florets, toasted bread pieces, peeled and chopped potatoes and carrots, a cup of water, some raw cashews, Miso for color, Tahini, lemon juice, mustard and salt. One can add black pepper for taste.

Vegan Stuffed Shell
Popular among the Vegan pasta recipes, it is a recipe for serving 4 shells for each diner.

Ingredients for the recipe are vegan ricotta that could be made beforehand, cashews, garlic cloves, lemon juice, vinegar, water, salt, pepper, crumbled firm tofu, dried oregano, red pepper flakes, jumbo shells, olive oil and either parmesan or the pecorino cheese.

Ingredients are blended and cooked at a temperature of 350 degrees and stirred to taste.

Cauliflower Fettucine Alfredo
This recipe is well circulated in the vegan pasta recipes fond network and liked by all.

Super light and highly energizing dish it is made with vegan affredo pasta sauces and cooked cauliflower. Preparation time for four services would be around 20 minutes and cooking time is around 30 minutes.

Ingredients are cauliflower florets, and fresh parsley. High speed blending will make the dish delicious and cooking needs boiling of the ingredients.

Vegan Green Chili Mac & Cheese
Another popular recipe that is well appreciated in vegan pasta recipes fond network is stirring the noodles with green chilies and sauce and this will make the dish creamy and luxurious.

Addition of chilly makes the recipe perfect and highly satisfying for the diners enjoying them. Besides the cheese and chilly, some other vegetables and herbs can also be added to the recipe and the dish for making it more enjoyable.

Creamy Avocado Pasta
It is one of the 15 minute vegan pasta dough recipes that will be thick and rich in garlic flavor.

A trace of lemon added to the recipe will make it excellent both in taste and flavor. It is one of the latest pasta dishes and it works wonderfully and the preparation time is around 5 minutes and cooking time is around 10 minutes.

Uncooked pasta, garlic cloves, basil leaves, lemon juice, avocado, olive oil, and pepper, and fine Grain Sea salts are the ingredients for the dish.

Vegan Lasagna
Using components like an eggplant, kosher salt, virgin olive oil, ground pepper, Italian parsley leaves finely chopped, wine vinegar, and red pepper flakes this recipe prepared is one of the best vegan lasagna recipes around.

Cook needs peeled tomatoes, olive oil, yellow onion that is finely chopped, garlic cloves, bay leaf, pepper flakes, kosher salt and capers with dried lasagna noodles, drained soft tofu, nutritional yeast, medium lemons, and salt, etc.

Tomato Basil Cream Pasta
This is a super quick recipe that is made with raw cashews, tomato paste, water, olive oil, minced garlic, wheat spaghetti, salt, wine or water, black pepper, and fresh basil leaves.

It is one of those vegan pasta recipes that is prepared in medium heat and converted to delicious taste adding sauce.

They could also turn it into one of the more favored vegan pasta salad recipes.

Brocolli Walnut Pesto Pasta
Using ingredients like broccoli, salt, pasta, sauce, garlic cloves, basil paste or leaves, lemon juice, walnut oil, miso paste, and apple cider vinegar and boiling the mixture for about three minutes, a lot of cold water is added to the ingredients to create one of the best vegan pasta recipes for the diner.

This can be used at a breakfast table, as snacks, and for the dining purposes.

Creamy Butternut Squash Linguine
Added with fried sage ingredients, olive oil, butternut, kabocha squash, onion, garlic cloves, kosher salt, black pepper, vegetable broth, fettucine, shave Pamesan or Peconnio, the recipe is one of the best vegan pasta salad recipes that is favored by most diners.

These are only a few of the vegan pasta recipes but are virtually of the top order.

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