Top 10 Belly Fat Burning Foods

How Does Foods Can Burn Fat ?

  • Many Foods have certain minerals and vitamins that will help the fat burning capacity and also improve the metabolism which will works like a virtual fat burners in the body.
  • Most of the food reduces the calorie profile so it will reduce fat creation.
  • Some foods also can be used as virtual calorie burners.

Eating these kinds of foods at right quantity, at right time will reduce the fat on your body. So by these foods you will able to reduce the existing fat and in the same time you will be able to stop the future fat too.

Citrus Fruits

In my view i will make this as top. Taking Citrus Fruits or Vitamin C rich foods for your daily breakfast will reduce your fat profile drastically. Citrus fruits provide fast energy which will increase the amount of metabolism and also supply a rich amount of vitamin C which scientifically proven to reduce the fat in the body.

Here are the some of the Citrus fruits like Oranges, Kiwi Fruits, Fresh Lime, Grape Fruits, Kumquats, Tangerines. Depending on the cost and availability in your area try to mix up these fruits in your daily breakfast. You can also try the citrus fruits for week to test how effective they are.

All together fruits are in general are very healthy foods because they contain many different types of vitamins and also minerals which will help you a lot.

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The Major benefit of Oats is that they will keep their main portion calories has a insoluble fiber. This Fiber will give the feeling you a feeling of satiation and will keep you away from getting hungry so this lead no contribution to body.

In general any food which has insoluble fiber will have the same characteristics

eg: Raisin and Barn cereal & cooked barley

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Without few high calorie vegetables like potatoes, yams and sweet potatoes most of other vegetable does not have high calorie profile but having main vitamins and minerals which will improve the metabolism.

If you guy whit having potato has favorite in your food plan then try to cook it without removing the skin because the skin is a good insoluble fiber.

And now for the examples of best vegetables carrots, spinach, lima beans, cabbage and artichoke.


These one of another great source for the nutrition and without taking ground lentils directly you can able to consume the flour from lentils for many different foods.

This lentils doesn’t just low calories but they are very nutrition and high in vitamins and minerals too.

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If you’re non vegetarian then this really a good option for you guys. Chickens are very good poultry because they are less in a calorie and also fats but it will have high protein profile.

Try to eat the lean cuts and not the skin poultry since it has more fat in it.


On average adults can contain 1 or 2 whole eggs with yolk to get necessary proteins and minerals that a body will need. Eggs does not have high calories.

Eggs can be cooked in many ways and in many variety so this give wider chance use eggs in our regular food plans. Eggs also used to control cholesterol if it eaten in moderation.

Almonds and Walnuts

These Almonds and walnuts are great snack type foods and contain healthy fat. Consuming these type of healthy fat will increase the chances of excess weight in the body.

These healthy fat is very essential because body cell structure is based on these fat.


Fish is a very good for protein and also for healthy fat which is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. These kind of salmons are not just healthy but they are very tasty which makes this as very good addition to meals or food plans.

For more info on varies type Salmon click on this wiki link


I know that water cannot be considered as food but since many foods and fruits contain water so it can be also considered as food. The Major reason is Since water has no calories it helps the overall metabolism of the body.

In conclusion i can say that most of the whole foods are better than the redefined and processed foods for belly fat burning foods. Try to to follow the above foods which will help you in fat burning but try not eat much more than your capacity because excess of anything is dangerous.

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