Top 10 Best Chef Knives Reviews of 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

best chef knife Selecting the best chef knife from the many available options in the marketplace is not simple at all. Choosing which design you prefer the best from the chef knife set alone is a challenge as well, regardless be it a steak, Santoku, Chef, and so on.

Our chef knife reviews are very handy for you to find the best cooking knives because we listed here many recommended products which you can consider before getting one. You could also learn about factors which make one chef knife excellent from the rest.

Without further ado, Here is a comparison of the 10 best chefs knives that you can buy. Full knife review of each product included below.

Best Chef Knife Comparison Table

Victorinox 8-Inch Fibrox Pro Chef Knife – Best Budget Chef’s Knife

Victorinox 8 Inch Fibrox Pro Chefs Knife The first one is the Victorinox 40520 chef knife on the list. It is the Amazon’s best seller on all the other chef knives for sale. The best affordable chef knife comes with sharp blade created from high carbon stainless steel as well as excellent edge retention.

It backed up by a lifetime warranty. It is a multipurpose 8-inch best chefs knife mainly designed for the beginner or home cook to do daily chores with the cooking such as slicing, dicing, mincing, and chopping.

It is laser tested to assure best cutting power. The blade design is conical ground crosswise and lengthwise. Therefore, it could give small resistance while slicing.

This kitchen knife provides best value for the money. Based on many reviews, people are pleased with 8-inch chef’s knife by Victorinox. It is simply as the blade is sharp, simple to hold and grip, enabling them to slice everything effortlessly.

With its Swiss style, it is rare to fail with this product since it is functional and lightweight for any casual cook. For those starter chefs who are looking for the high-quality chef knife that is not expensive, this model is a perfect option as it is the overall best.


  • The blade is 2-inches wide and 8-inches long at the handle.
  • It comes with rosewood blade handle and steel material blade.
  • A huge advantage is a blade stamped means you do not need to bother about sharpening or honing it for a while.

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J.A. Henckels International Classic 8-Inch Chef Knife – Best Value Chef Knife

JA Henckels International Classic Knife Henckels is among the biggest knife manufacturers on the market and had been around ever since the mid-1700s. These days, J.A. Henckels produce many best knives for cooking from expensive, high-end chef knives to everyday kitchen knives which are ideal for the beginner home chef.

This Henckels chef knife has full bolster for the utmost safety and to add weight. This large-sized best 8-inch chef knife is a perfect tool for conventional dicing, chopping, mincing, and slicing.

The knife includes triple riveted blade handle around the full tang. It mainly made from stain-proof carbon steel, that is hot forged to offer most sturdiness.

This top chef knife for beginner cook is a high-quality knife that has a lifetime warranty. It is an inexpensive series from its well-known manufacturer. However, it has excellent value. This model is the kitchen knife collectors favorite because you can use it for nearly everything from prepping steaks for your grill to properly mincing onions.

It is well-balanced and sharp. It finely sharpened while holding its edge a while. Having it, you do not have to invest more in a kitchen knife simply to get it performed better.


  • This knife includes lifetime company warranty so do further as well as abuse and use it; you are safe.
  • It is an excellent and affordable eight-inches cooks knife.
  • The blade of the knife is stronger, harder, remains sharper longer, plus is quick to sharpen.

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Wusthof Classic Cook’s Knife – Best Professional Chef Knife

Wusthof Classic 8 Inch Chef Knife Wusthof Classic chef knife is a highly stain proof and exceptionally fine product at an economical price tag which makes it among of the top cook knife in the world.

It has an 8-inch large blade ideal for various cutting chores and most chopping. When compared with other larger knife items it is much more responsive and maneuverable. It comes along with long-lasting cutting plus quickly restorable edges.

It features perfect slicing edge length which makes quick work of each slicing works. The blade of the knife is created from high-carbon forged stainless steel as well as it is honed by hand to bring about the sharpness of razor-like.

As a Wusthof chef knife; can do many cutting chores from slicing and dicing to fine chopping.

This classic knife combines size and ease of use which makes it the best choice for most enthusiasts and professionals of food preparation. It is the best spend for your kitchen and cooking. It is a dishwasher safe product which comes with a lifetime guarantee for your convenience. The seamless style gives the hygienic view to its handle.

It could resist stains and corrosion because it is perfection forged from a single piece of solid, mainly high-carbon, alloyed stainless steel material. The handle of the knife created from durable polymer unusually contoured for good grip. After all, it arrives from one of the good chef knife brands, the Wusthof making it an ideal companion for your daily food preparation. It also has best 10-inch chef knife version available.


  • It is often fantastic to have a knife for larger works, such as cutting meat, to add to the toolkit.
  • This kitchen knife consists of high carbon forged steel as well as is hand sharpened for razor-like sharpness.
  • Its slight contour will help you to forth atop and rock it back the cutting board while you complete a few of the finer and smaller kitchen tasks.

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Shun DM0706 Classic Chef Knife – Best Japanese Chef Knives

Shun DM0706 Classic 8 Inch Chef Knife Regarding the best chef knives in the world, Shun chef knife is popular 8-inch model perfect to do various jobs in your kitchen such as slicing, dicing, chopping, and so on.

The knife can prevent your sliced food items from sticking to the blade. It has stunning Damascus steel appearance with layered, patterned surface as well as with extra corrosion resistance. It designed from unique VG-10 stainless steel containing 32 coatings of stainless rich-carbon steel.

It is an eight-inch knife which can offer you a limited lifetime warranty and greatest comfort. For precise foods, it cuts instead of crush. This knife comes along with several capabilities it has deserved the title top chef knives. To offer the highest comfort, it comes along with black PakkaWood D-formed laminated handle.

Based on many customer reviews, this item has a well-designed handle and great shape that feels overall excellent in everybody’s hands, mainly the right-handed users. It primarily designed for less hard, brittle, and more versatile compared to any other kitchen knives with traditional steel formulations. It is well-balanced and very sharp, and keeping it razor-like sharp is not hard. We recommend this Shun Classic chef knife for any professional cook out there.


  • This Japanese Chef Knife core created from VG steel, and it is clad on each side having a total of 32 High Carbon Stainless steel layers (each side has 16 layers).
  • The Pakkawood knife handles made from resin-impregnated hardwood and ebony colored.
  • Microscopic air holes emerge because of the cladding method which can decrease any friction while slicing.

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Global G-2 Chef Knife – Best Rated Chef Knives

Global G-2 8-Inch Chef Knife Precisely balanced, light 8-inch or 20cm cooks knife is the Global chef knife, among the best Japanese chef knives in this list. The knife stainless-steel handle is dimpled for a comfortable grip and designed for ease of use.

It gives great feel in your fingers. The thin blade of this finely balanced knife model made from high technology molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel.

While this knife can stay sharp for very long, it is simple to sharpen. The razor-like sharpness well retained from the edge. With all these features the chef knife by Global is a nifty little equipment is an elegant tool for the kitchen.

The Global chef knife is a strong, essential tool which has more features compared to any other kitchen knives available for your kitchen area. This item includes lifetime company warranty against defects and breakage. This sharp product can do everything from dicing meat to cutting steak.

It is an excellent partner for both amateur and professional cooks. Most users like it due to the sharpness, lightweight, comfort, and perfect balance. For those searching for a great knife which has best worth, this model is the correct choice to pick making it the best knives for chefs.


  • The Global G2 knife has somewhat curved burred edges which enable this to cut through fruits and vegetables, frozen meats effortlessly.
  • The blade of this knife made from vanadium/molybdenum stainless steel that is both strong and light.
  • The handle of the knife is stainless steel as well as not a polymer or wood.

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Mac Knife Professional French Chef Knife – Best Knife Under 200

Mac Knife Professional French Chef Knife The best 9-inch chef knife produced from Japan is the Mac chef knife. With 9.5-inches in size, the right knife is essential not a professional one compared to both professional and home kitchens.

With razor-sharp, curved edge, this product is carefully made to stick with typical French chef knife. This item is an ideal choice for those looking for strong and well-performing knife at expert grade.

It is an excellent knife which professional cooks out there regularly use. Through many chef knife assessments, customers admit their excitement by the blades lightness and extremely razor-like sharpness.

Many users highly applaud it. After you get it, you shall understand very soon which it turns into the most used knife in the bag.

Owning this kitchen knife is like holding 12-inch brand-new razor any time you work with it. Although not safe for dishwasher, this item will not let you down, mainly if you are on the lookout for lightweight best quality chef knives. The Pakka wood handle of the knife feels nice in your palm. The blade of the knife is a reliable and real workhorse in your kitchen.


  • MAC’s proprietary vanadium, chromium, molybdenum high carbon alloy steel is high carbon, as well as features excellent edge retention hardness while remaining hard to avoid chipping.
  • Pakka wood handle and razor-sharp edge.
  • Made in Japan and 2.5mm blade for a precise cut.

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Victorinox 12-Inch Chef’s Knife with Rosewood Handle – Best Under 100

Victorinox 12-Inch Chefs Knife Welcome to yet another Victorinox product review on this list. It is one of the top rated chef knives for large hands and comes with amazing features, such as, Rosewood Handle. It features a high degree of stainless carbon steel blade giving excellent edge retention and highest possible sharpness.

Any kitchen tasks such as mincing, chopping, dicing, and slicing will no longer feel hard along with the help of this product. It is a chef knife mainly created for multitasking functionality every day by cooks.

Sharpening as well is simple. Maintaining its sharpness, this particular knife is ice tempered. It is breathtaking together with its traditional rosewood handle. It comes with conical ground through length and depth to offer a broader point of breakage.

The ergonomic handle style gives customers with complete balance and comfort. Overall, expertly created in Swiss this item is an essential tool for its performance with lifetime company warranty against defects and breakage. For day-to-day use by not just professional cooks but the home chefs, this blade is just the best model. The knife’s handle riveted for sturdiness. These are one of the best cutlery knives you can come across on this list.


  • Stamped construction gives a straight edge, and a thinner, lighter blade is making it effortless to rock the blade for an accurate slice gently.
  • The Fibrox rosewood handle is resistant against slip while wet, helping avoid unsavory kitchen mistakes and mishaps.
  • High stainless steel carbon one of the best steel for chef knives blade gives greatest edge retention and sharpness.

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Mercer Culinary Genesis Chef’s Knife – Best Under 50

Mercer Culinary Genesis 10-Inch Knife These best knives for home chef is the following best cooking knife for the investment that you can buy. It well made through German chef knives forged steel material for a high carbon causing sharp, however, no-stain knife blade.

This item is high-quality on build, design, and materials used. This 8-inch Genesis Collection cook knife is perfect for many tasks in your kitchen such as mincing, slicing, and chopping.

This knife has non-slip, well-designed handle for complete comfort, safety, and performance. It also has taper grind edge, hand-polished, and real bolster which altogether delivers handy balance.

It offered along with an economical price tag, considered by most as a fair price. These best cooking knives are a treat to use.

The Mercer knives are simply a comfortable, productive, and durable one which fits anybody’s demands with the food prep. It highly suggested for the enthusiasts, professionals, and the beginners of preparing meals. This model is a perfect option for people who think about cooking like a career task and hope that making foods should get comfortable, easier, and faster. It is one of the world’s finest chef knife among its group of similar knives.


  • It is an NSF-certified knife and comes along with a lifetime limited warranty.
  • Along with a unique taper-ground edge technology, this kitchen knife is stable, enabling you to get rid of fat and meat from bones quickly.
  • It has black color Santoprene handle that is not just slip-resistant however also stylish. Made for both left-handed and right-handed customers, the handle of the knife cannot damage quickly even if it is subjected to oils, heat, or cold found in the kitchen.

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Kai 6720C Wasabi Black Chef Knife – Best Carbon Steel Chef Knife

Kai Wasabi Black Utility Knife Concerning good chef knives, without a doubt, 8-inch 6720C Black Chef’s Knife by Wasabi is the deal. Like the best Japanese design chef knife, there are a lot to offer.

It includes attractive finishes, multipurpose function, fresh polypropylene blend, superior edge retention, durable handle, Daido 1K6 high carbon stainless steel, and bead-blasted blade. For people who prefer a good thin knife blade, this model will never let you down.

This best chefs knife is a perfect equipment for food preparations such as dicing, slicing, chopping, and so on. Customers like this product simply as it is sharp making you forget your old knives. It is widely well-known like a well-balanced unit, that is incredibly simple to use.

Customers are pleased with the blade also since it is beautiful and great for the cost. This product is created from Japan for each right-handed and left-handed people, for only hand wash and comes with a lifetime limited warranty. Featuring a conventional blade design, this one built with a distinctively modern function which includes impregnation along with antibacterial content for excellent clean food preparing and lessening to food items sticking effect.


  • Clean polypropylene blend, the blade is bead-blasted to a stylish finish and sturdy handle.
  • Made from stainless steel, 1K6 high-carbon for best edge retention.
  • Made in Japan, Hand washes only, and limited lifetime warranty.

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ZYLISS Chef Knife – Best Cheap Chef Knife

ZYLISS Chef's Knife with Sheath Cover The best cheap chef knife is the Zyliss chef knife. It comes along with a high-quality stainless metal blade, which makes it perfect for prepping herbs and fish, meats, poultry, fruits, and vegetables.

Such nicely designed handle assists much in decreasing hand fatigue enabling for precision and control when used. This knife features stainless steel blade, soft-touch grip together with its safe storage cover.

Unlike most other knives kinds, it is sharp plus safe for the dishwasher. Zyliss series of items is well-known as excellent products, it is no different for this model.

Customers are pleased that it has covered. Therefore, they could put simply and neatly in the cupboard. There are many positives which people say about the Zyliss chef knife.

They are pleased since the knife seems right in their palm not to mention it is extremely sharp. With ideal dimension, this item slices finely. Apart from the knife itself, it also comes with a Zyliss kitchen knife sharpener which will support in keeping your knife razor-sharp always. It just a good item and is well worth for the investment.


  • The blade of the knife created from high-quality stainless steel as well as the ergonomic handle features a gentle touch grip to allow you remain intact, creating perfect slices while preventing hand fatigue.
  • A cover to safely store the blade.
  • The kitchen knife is flexible enough for vegetables, fruits, fish, herbs, poultry, and meats.

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Cook Knife Buying Guide

Choosing the greatest knife for chef is quite overwhelming. No matter whether you are just a casual cook or professional chef. Selecting the best knives for chefs is hard since. You can find so many models, types, sizes, and brands available on the market.

There are a minimum several factors you should consider before your investment. Furthermore, there are many different prices and materials to consider as well. Before you get any knife model, it recommended that you take into account the factors listed below.

  • Stick to Basics: You have to know there is no one “best cook blade in the world” because every knife designed uniquely and the important thing is to find the model which feels so correct in your fingers. Apparently, this knife should stay sharp as well as it has to stay comfortable to keep up its sharpness. Before your buy, you should have a rough picture of what you demand. In case, you got small build and small hands, in that case, it is advised to buy a lightweight knife. Needless to say, it is subjective.
  • Size: As we understand, there are a couple of standard chef knife sizes on the market: the 10-inch and 8-inch. Typically this measurement of length means only the blade, does not cover its handle. The eight-inch length is intended for customers with smaller hands. Meanwhile, the ten-inch model is for people with larger hands or professionals in the field.
  • Materials: Regarding comparing the top chef knife you have to take into account what materials create the blade cautiously. Probably the most well-known blades materials are carbon steel. These materials are typically robust compared to most other composites. However, with the excellent ability which it could keep a razor-sharp edge for an extended period compared to basic steel. Sadly, it could rust if not carefully looked after. It is essential to notice that most knives for chefs carbon steel with hot forged need high maintenance. It is since these are hand-wash products which are not ideal for dishwasher use.
  • Buy What You Need: As you know, the majority of chefs are happy to own all-purpose kitchen knives but when preparing food they typically end up utilizing around 80 percentage of the time in their kitchen for slicing, mincing, and chopping. Because of this, the greatest option is one which is nicely balanced, easy to grip, as well as includes a gentle blade curve to help the maneuver movements needed while cutting stuff on the best cutting board.
  • The size of the Hand: Selecting the best cooking knife is important as the hand’s size differs and hence, one dimension does not match all. Among the correct methods to find out for when a knife suits, you are by keeping it in the cutting hand as well as question yourself how does it feel. Not surprising one of many factors which affects the way a knife can feel within your large palm is its lowest length. On that basis, when seeking for a top-quality cook knife, people who have small or large hands has to get used to the different lengths available. As well as from them select the proper one for your particular need.


Overall, all the suggestions above on the top chef knives are not just a top ten listing or so. Nevertheless, they should aid you in providing some experience in the field of the knife world. It is mainly posted to deliver you a few ideas about which kitchen knives you could consider to satisfy your demands.

The recommendations above are useful to avoid you from taking the wrong choice and getting the dull knife which will only leave you full of injured fingers or regretted. Remember that your knife is something which you might use for an extended period while doing kitchen tasks.

As always if you got any other doubts, feel free to leave your comments below, and we will reply as soon as possible. You can also post your views on the best chef knife reviews and what models you think deserves to mention on this list that we missed. However if you’re looking how purchase the best kitchen knives set you can check it out here.

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